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Carta de conselho para uma futura au pair

eh sei que eh grandinha mesmo, vai da preguisa de ler tudo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, mais tente! essa carta na verdade eu escrevi no meu curso de ingles, faltei aula e tive q escrever...gostei do resultado e a professora tambem, entao resolvi postar aqui!
espero que gostem!

I'm writing this letter to give advice for everyone that would like to be an au pair. I would like to say that it is not easy choice, but it is very gratifying. You need stay far away from your home, friends, family, culture, kind of meal, weather, your routine and a lot of things that you used to do. On the other hand, you will know new people, see the seasons, learn about new culture, improve your English and learn a lot of things. This is mainly because now, you don’t have your family beside you, for help. You will help yourself, but this is not bad, on the contrary it's so good for you.

All of this for one big objective to Improve English. This language that is so important for our life, our future. Of course to improve English isn’t just the goal of an au pair, because everyone likes this idea to live in another country, and have the opportunity to know different people from everywhere and learn about the culture of United States. You become more independent and responsible, and learn to live by yourself.

At first I would like to say that when you arrive here at the beginning everything will be fine, you will be so happy because you get to arrive here, but this it is just your first step. Even though in your first week with your new family is almost impossible, you are thinking “What the hell am I doing here? Don’t be afraid! because this is so normal and happens for most au pairs, they are thinking that they don’t know anything about English, want to go back home and have homesickness. But, don’t do this; because you left your life to live in another country, this is so hard. Yes, I know! I’m an au pair. If you left your goal and went back or give up, you never will be able to finish one challenge in your life. On the other hand, if you finish this program you will be right that you will be able to get whatever challenges are in your life.

The most important thing for you is to have a good life here, and to respect all the roles of the family, take care with the lovely children that will be your responsibility, and help them always if possible. You are thinking always that at the first about the family and children, at second about you, of course, you will have spare time, which you need, and you have rights. Why choose this program? To choose this program is for a lot of reason. But I can tell you this is the best program, because you can live with one American family, sharing everything.

When you start your work here as an au pair you will know that children also have things to teach you and they will be your new family, because with them you spend more time. But don’t forget that you need time for yourself, to go out with friends, travel, make something that you like or you used to do in your country, it is so important for your life here, because you need to feel comfortable and happy, and get all the good things this program has to give you. So go ahead and make friends don't just spend time with people from the same country as you, but with people that come from another country too. It’s so good sharing experiences and also practicing English. There is a lot of au pair that just make friends with people from the same country because don’t be feel comfortable to talk in English, but remember why you came here? for what? To improve English! So don’t be afraid, you need to try.

Don’t waste your time, because your time here is so important, enjoy each new thing that you will know, each person and open your mind to get everything new and different and don’t forget you're in a different culture! It is important to respect cultural differences. Don’t try to impose your culture, because it is you who will be in a different culture and not the other. Enjoy this great opportunity to experience a new culture and enrich your life with that.

Live each day like it was the last, you will enjoy more. Thinking about it! This is the great opportunity in your life and one year can’t be a waste whatever. When you come back to your country you will be prepared to face up to your life.

As the time passes, you will feel more comfortable about everything, stronger, more confident in yourself. You will start to make new friends, begin your study and will see that, you will be able to live so far to your family, you will be able to overcome any problem that you could have here, so you won’t believe that one year can pass so fast until one year turn into two.

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JuJu Pan disse...

beatiful letter...

Viviane disse...

a carta esta ótima mesmo..
e eu lendo percebi q meu ingles tb n ta tao fulero assim
=* fofa!!!
tb vou pela apia
kero dicas, ta?
te linkei

BËTØ §PÏCË_BØ¥ disse...


q onda isso


te amoooooooooooooooooooo